1. Navy Town

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Navy Town

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I’m a Mexican Jew from a Navy town
I was born inside a whirlwind
I was raised on the Bible and bubblegum
I was suckled by my girlfriend
I don't know half the reasons
I was not like other kids
I don't know why some lessons took
I don't know why some never did
Well, I was friends with Jesus ‘til they sailed him off to war
I don't believe I'd ever have a friend like Jesus anymore

Well, when I left home I was seventeen I was one step short of crazy
I was just about as sorry as a boy could be
I was poor and I was lazy
I don't know half the reasons
For the strange, strange things I did
Half my senses slipped away
And half my feelings hid
But I was testing freedom ‘til I locked up every door
I don't believe I'd ever live through that much freedom anymore

Now I'm living in the middle of a beggar’s dream
I don't know how I found my way here
Living on the edges of the ways things seem
And I hope that I can stay here
I guess that I'm still crazy
I'm just living for the thrill
I don't know half the reasons yet
And I probably never will
But I'll still keep on guessing and I guess no one should mind
Just one old friend of Jesus feeling fine