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Learning to Dance

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She comes and goes to the tune of a romance
With the moves of a slow dance almost everyone knows
So you lead her in like it's happened so often
But your will starts to soften and your plans start to bend

You try to break it down
To the things you understand
But everything you've found
Takes you back where you began

Stay at home; still she comes without warning
She stays till the morning but you still feel alone
And who's to blame for another sad lover
It could be her or another; you’d still feel the same

You think you'll break her heart
Just to be alone again
She’ll fall apart
At least that's how it's always been

But she takes a ride; it’s just a thirst for motion
This time she's crossing in ocean and it's affecting your pride
So this time around you take a chance
You think you can cover
You think you'll learn how to love her
Like you learned how to dance